In this episode Nicole Avery shares insights on how organising and planning for the known in family life can benefit your business and help you cope with and enjoy the fun parts of family life more.

Nicole Avery

Nicole Avery is a Melbourne mum to five beautiful kids aged 16 to 6. Nicole is slightly addicted to spread sheets, tea, running, CrossFit and the master organiser behind the successful blog, Planning With Kids. Planning With Kids has over 100,000 unique visitors a month and over 13,000 newsletter subscribers.

Nicole runs her business from home in part time hours that suit her family.

The philosophy she shares on her blog is that by organising and planning for the known in family life, you can cope with and enjoy more the fun parts of family life.

Since starting her blogging journey in 2008, Nicole has grown her blog into a platform enabling her to establish herself as a freelance writer, consultant and product creator. Nicole is also the creator of an online blogging course with the Australian Writers Centre, How to Get More Blog Readers.

In addition to all of this, Nicole is also a highly sought after speaker on a variety of topics including blogging and family organisation, as well as being the content creator for the annual Problogger Training Event.

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In this episode we explore

  • How organising and planning for the known in family life can help you cope with and enjoy more the fun parts of family life.
  • Examples of some of the things you do in your life to better organise the chaos that comes with managing a business around family commitments.
  • How batching tasks like menu planning, food preparation, paying bills and kids admin can have a positive impact on your week.
  • Tips for planning your business around school commitments.
  • Advice for being more effective of a morning.
  • The pros and cons of developing an app for your business.
  • Dealing with Blogger burnout.
  • Tips for planning for repetitive tasks that reoccur each week.
  • Using boundaries that exist in your day to create deadlines.
  • The benefits of developing canned response email templates.

Resources discussed in the show

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