In this episode Loren Bartley and Fiona Redding talk about letting go, sharing their recent experiences in letting go and the impact it has had on their businesses and life.

Loren Bartley & Fiona Redding

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Letting Go

In this episode we explore

  • The different ways you can let go of those things that are no longer servicing you in your business and life
  • The importance of changing the stories you tell yourself
  • Why not setting any boundaries in your life can be problematic
  • Why you should let go of the fear and the how and just take action toward your goals, trusting that everything will work out in the end
  • The power of deleting to do items (that aren’t getting done)
  • Why you should sometimes “just do it!”
  • The importance of focusing on one thing
  • Why you should regularly review and cull your products and services
  • The pitfalls of social media
  • The importance of always be investigating different ways of doing things
  • How letting go of things can free up space for those things that are more important
  • Hold the vision and trust the process
  • The mindset shift that comes with acceptance
  • Letting go of the need to help everyone
  • Making decisions around which clients you want to work with
  • The power of the pause and reflection
  • Our ideas and plans for the podcast in 2018
  • Why we cancelled our 100th birthday celebration
  • Why decisions are not always black and white and why you should sometimes take time to consider other options

Resources discussed in the show

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