In this episode Fiona Redding talks about living with intention, sharing insights into how having a ‘living with intention” mindset can help you achieve anything in life.

Fiona Redding

Well you are about to meet a mum proving an inspiration to women across Australia. From feeling desperately unhappy and by her own admission drinking too much to running a nationwide motivational business in just 3 short years. Now she called herself the Happiness Hunter. ~ Emmy Kubainski, 9 News – Perth

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Living with Intention

In this episode we explore

  • How Fiona got on the 9 News
  • What it means to be “living with intention” and why it is important to set an overall intention for what you want the experience of your life to be
  • Developing a non-negotiable decision making framework
  • What your drivers are and why they are so important in creating change
  • The importance of being clear about your values when creating change
  • Why a vision for your life needs to be more than a board with things on it
  • Why people should take time to think and reflect on the purpose of their life, yet so many people don’t
  • Finding a way to be happy now in this present moment – whatever is going on around you
  • The role meditation, goal setting, affirmations and mentors played in helping Fiona make incremental changes, which led to big changes over time
  • Fiona and Loren reflected on their 6 word stories and what they said about each other

Resources discussed in the show

  • Fiona on the Channel 9 News:

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