In this episode we chat with Jeff Goldenberg, co-author of The Growth Hackers Guide to the Galaxy, about growth hacking as a business growth strategy.

Jeff Goldenberg

Jeff Goldenberg has been a serial entrepreneur for the past 15 years. He is digital marketer and growth consultant, focusing on startup marketing growth and business development.

He is currently the Head of Growth for Borrowell, a Canadian marketplace lending platform.

Formerly, Jeff founded Top Chef University, an online, mobile and DVD cooking school based on the Emmy Award winning show Top Chef.

He has also founded many brand extensions in the poker world, including with the World Series of Poker and Poker Stars.

Jeff is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at MaRS as well as a Mentor at both Google Next and LeanArts accelerators.

Jeff has partnered with Mark Hayes from Rocketshp to create “The Growth Hackers Guide To The Galaxy” which we will no doubt talk more about on the show.

You can follow Jeff on LinkedIn and Twitter.

The Growth Hackers Guide To The Galaxy

In this episode we explore

  • What growth hacking is.
  • The types of businesses that can benefit from engaging in growth hacking tactics.
  • The mindset and skills required to be a growth hacker.
  • Examples of growth hacking tactics that you can implement with minimal effort and maximum ROI.
  • The competitive advantage that comes with being the first business to discover a new growth hacking channel.
  • What the viral coefficient is, how it can we measure it and examples of how you can engineer virality into your products.
  • How businesses like Canva, Slack, Hubspot and Shopify have achieved a rapid scale of growth.
  • Example growth hacking recipes that you can implement in your business.
  • The three phases within the growth model.
  • Examples of what happens during each of the growth phases and how some growth hacking recipes suit different stages of business growth better.
  • Growth hacking the growth hacking recipes.
  • Advice for using a Kickstarter campaign to fund a book.

Resources discussed in the show

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