In this episode Cherie McKay talks about who really holds us back, sharing a personal story of self discovery that #BusinessAddicts will be able to relate to on different levels.

Cherie McKay

Melbournian to the heart, soon-to-be-divorced Mama of four boys who takes amazing photos most of the time, Cherie is an entrepreneur, very creative and sometimes downright ridiculous. It’s her intelligent and witty writing style that always manages to make even the most absurd situation into a hilarious story.  Cherie is currently working on a book based on her popular short stories ( as well as managing her photography business The Memory Supply Co.

After spending over ten years in the corporate sector, Cherie ventured into photography, quickly realising that the world didn’t need another backyard photographer – instead the world needed beautiful camera bags specifically designed for women. Cherie designed her own range of camera bags and founded the company SHUTTER|bag. Manufactured in China with distributors located in Australia, Europe and the USA, Cherie sold SHUTTER|bag in 2013. It was Cherie’s knowledge of social media and her innovative, sometimes risky style that grew her business quickly.

When she’s not using her written words to make people laugh, she’s writing to provoke thought, as well as encouraging and leading her readers to not only view the world with more empathy and love, but also the view themselves with more strength, love and success.

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Who Holds You Back?

In this episode we explore

  • Who is REALLY holding you back?
  • What personal qualities do successful people have?
  • Law of averages and how it can affect both your personal and business life.
  • How success is what you attract by the person you become.
  • Why you should add and remove people from your life.
  • How internal dialogue and internal influencers in your personal life can affect your business.
  • The importance of internal dialogue.
  • The importance of being authentic in all that you do.
  • Social media and start up business.

Resources discussed in the show

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