In this episode Mark Penney from Meppy talks about email deliverability, sharing insights into how you can improve the chances of your email marketing campaigns hitting the inbox of your intended recipients.

Mark Penney

Mark Penney loves marketing automation and is your go to person for all things tech related. Founder of Meppy, he works with small businesses to help them grow, scale and have their sales machine running while they sleep. Mark has spent his fair share of time working with the likes of Microsoft and Optus, but his true passion and sole focus is helping entrepreneurs and small business owners integrate high level automated business and marketing systems, that were once only available to big business with a big budget.

Mark has one of those minds we all envy, with an ability to process and systemise entire email marketing campaigns with one hand tied behind his back. He thrives on a challenge, and loves to find simple ways to do smart things.

Email Deliverability

In this episode we explore

  • Why it is that some of the emails you send never end up within the inboxes of the people you send them to.
  • The three pillars of increasing your email deliverability rate.
  • The importance of sending valuable content to your subscribers.
  • How you should be formatting your emails to increase your chances of being delivered to the inbox.
  • The importance of creating an intriguing subject and first few lines of your email to increase your open rates.
  • Details of the algorithms email providers apply to determine whether or not your email should end up in the inbox of your recipient and the signals that determine how engaged your email recipients are with the emails that you send.
  • Why unsubscribing from businesses that you no longer wish to receive content from is actually doing the business a favour.
  • Why you shouldn’t add people to email lists without their permission.
  • The benefits that come with asking your email recipients to reply to your emails.
  • The signals that would flag to email service providers that people are disengaged with your emails that could be affecting your email deliverability.
  • How you can improve and protect your sender reputation.
  • Whether or not you should be getting people to double opt-in when they opt-in to subscribe.
  • Why you should be asking yourself whether or not your contacts are really into you. And if they aren’t, then you have got to be open to radical change and to test things.
  • The key metrics you should be measuring to determine the success of your email marketing campaigns and the benchmarks you should be striving to achieve.
  • The reasons why email open rates are an inaccurate way to measure the success of your email marketing campaigns.
  • The regular maintenance activities you should be doing to your email list to help improve our deliverability.

Resources discussed in the show

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