In this episode David Hobson talks about LinkedIn Connections, sharing the secrets of how he manages to use LinkedIn to create quality connections and get real results for business.

David Hobson

David Hobson is highly passionate about working with entrepreneurs and game-changers, especially in the tech and online space.

David’s day job involves working as the Melbourne and Adelaide City Manager for Elance-oDesk. In this role David helps business owners, entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises hire online, work with virtual teams, access global talent and scale when necessary.

David is also the founder and creator of LinkedInXpress. Through LinkedInXpress, David trains and works with entrepreneurs and small business owners interested in LinkedIn for Business Development, running in-house workshops and strategy sessions focused on practical outcomes.

David has a no fluff, no hype approach to using LinkedIn to get real results for business and he shares some of those tips in this episode.

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In this episode we explore

  • Who should be using LinkedIn and whether or not it is better suited to B2B or B2C.
  • The most common mistakes people make with their profile and what they should be doing to fix them.
  • How to create a summary section that stands out from the rest and achieves resultsWe have talked a lot about creating and sharing content in the past three podcast episodes. What kind of content works well on LinkedIn?
  • LinkedIn as a content publishing platform and the pros and cons of LinkedIn publishing.
  • The validity of LinkedIn Endorsements and tips for optimising this section of your profile.
  • An effective process for throwing down the welcome mat and gaining quality recommendations on LinkedIn.
  • Developing funnels for creating effective partnerships and/or sales using LinkedIn.
  • Tips for using your powerful LinkedIn database as a customer relationship management tool.
  • Tips and tools that will allow for greater automating of your LinkedIn processes.
  • LinkedIn paid versus free account and whether or not the paid account is worth the investment.
  • Recommendations for measuring the results your are receiving as a result of your LinkedIn activities.

Davids advises that we shouldn’t rock up to the party on LinkedIn dressed like this:

Resources discussed in the show

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